About us

To create caring jewelry for everyday



Carolin Stone combines modern and minimalistic jewelry with the power of nature – gemstones. Carolin Stone is not only about unique design. It is also and mainly about encouraging women to believe in themselves. It means more than only jewelry. It is an appeal to women to remember their inner beauty and to trust in themselves. Carolin Stone helps to illuminate women’s true selves and it supports them to believe in their self-assurance. Like a goddess the modern woman wears her jewelry as her precious secret weapon.



Day-to-day life can be challenging – being a mom, boss, life partner, daughter, and the many more roles we find ourselves in, is what a lot of women are bravely handling every day. Carolin Stone supports these divine heroines on their journey through both life’s joys and challenges.

It encourages women to trust in themselves and their unique characteristics and gifts. The gemstones’ energy supports your inner strength, self-acceptance and in many more aspects which relate to your life as a modern heroine.

Carolin Stone uses high quality metal – sterling silver. Silver helps to let nature’s energy of each gemstone flow efficiently. Each jewelry piece is designed with at least one gemstone for a unique and modern look.



A strong, modern woman wears an outfit so that she feels confident and complete. Each collection of Carolin Stone wants to complete a woman’s outfit by offering a whole set of at least a ring, bracelet, necklace and earrings.

With its roots in Europe, Carolin Stone takes up European history of fashion and jewelry, while also weaving the ancient meaning of gemstones into our modern life.

Carolin Stone’s team brings with it international experiences not only in jewelry and fashion but also in connecting with various cultures. We are a team with multinational focus and we integrate our experiences from working and living in countries throughout the world into the brand’s DNA. 




Our Mission

Your gem – your everyday diamond




This jewelry combined with the natural power of the gemstones illuminates a woman’s inner beauty. Wearing our pieces will make your personality glow and help you to believe and trust in your own strengths.

Carolin Stone encourages women to let their true beauty shine by wearing nature’s healing power as a unique jewelry piece.

Due to past and ongoing oppression of the feminine in many parts of the world, as well as the persisting structures of patriarchy, women have forgotten about their inner power. Now it is time to open up to that female power and to nourish it as your very own diamond.

Carolin Stone creates a community where women can share their experiences and support each other to be a strong and self-loving modern woman. By wearing our jewelry, they can show they have become their very own divine heroine.