About us



 As the founder, Carolin Rossa designs jewelry that reflects women’s inner beauty and strength using the nature’s healing wonder – gemstones. With her international experiences in luxury fashion management and interior design and her creative skills in jewelry, Carolin offers unique modern jewelry - in silver & gold with gemstones.

Carolin has a mission:

She wants to inspire the current movement in the world of women. It is her desire to support women on their journey of self-healing – to dissociate from the old structures and to enter into the new era of self-realization. We, women and men, are experiencing a time of shift – to finally start living our true-selves. This is a challenging time of breakthroughs. Gemstones have beautiful healing abilities; it is Carolin’s vision to combine this wisdom of nature with the fashion world. Her vision to offer unique jewelry design with nature’s power.

She and her team work on this mission to support all women and to create caring jewelry!


Why Carolin Stone

to create caring jewelry for everyday

Carolin Stone combines modern and minimalistic jewelry with the power of nature – gemstones. It is not only about unique design. It is mainly about encouraging women to believe in themselves. An appeal to women to remember their inner beauty and to trust in themselves. Carolin Stone helps to illuminate women’s true selves and it supports them to believe in their self-assurance. Like a goddess the modern woman wears her jewelry as her precious secret weapon. 

The desire to inspire the current movement in the world of women and to support women in their self-realization.

The vision to integrate the natural powers of the beautiful gemstones into the fashion world.

The mission to unite traditional healing values with current fashion trends and to appeal to women to believe in their inner strength.