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Gemstones are mineral crystals found in the depths of mother Earth. These crystals are firm matters with a regular geometrical form. When they are cut and polished, gemstones are used to make jewelry or other adornments.

Crystals are the DNA of our earth, like a chemical protocol of evolution. They are tiny memories of the million years of our planet’s development and they carry the wisdom of the evolutionary powers that shaped them.

Some of them developed under enormous pressure, other ones grew deeply in underground chambers, some of the crystals deposited in layers, while yet other ones developed dropwise. All this affects the features and healing powers of each gemstone.

Depending on which form the crystals adopted, they have certain characteristics like shape, color and healing powers. Gemstones are found worldwide. Ancient civilizations used gemstones for their powers and impacts on various topics. Some cultures believed highly in their significant effect on supporting and healing your inner guidance. The use of the stones ranged from talismans, cosmetics and rituals to jewelry.



Amethyst comes in colors from rose to lavender. Popular colors are dark purple or light purple.
This gemstone is supportive in clearing the mind of negative thoughts. Negative thoughts that arise
from stress can be lessened and thus, this energy helps to focus on positive vibrations. It is especially
helpful in building a healthy self-confidence.
The amethyst supports you in expressing yourself better, increases your power of focus as well as your
decision-making ability. For work effectiveness this gemstone is fabulous. Amethyst is not only a
beautiful jewelry piece but also one to support you to be successful.

Chrome Diopside

Chrome Diopside is an empowering gemstone for loving yourself and others. It increases your
capacity for compassion and it establishes a grounding energy link between you and the earth.
Thus, it helps you to be more connected to nature. Chrome Diopside supports you in letting go of emotions,
which you do not want to be part of your life anymore. It releases the emotion of being overburden
and helps you to feel empowered and centered instead.


Citrine is a yellow color gemstone that ranges from light to dark. It supports you to envision what you
truly want and provides you with persistence to go through with your plans. The citrine is very helpful
for you because in order to manifest your dreams, you first need to know what they are and what ideas
stand behind them. It is all about your personal will and realization of your dreams. With its yellow
color which is connected to the sun, citrine encourages you to be creative and open up to start
visualizing your dreams. It lessens your fears to face your future and to start making your dreams
come true.

Green Amethyst

This very pale green is a wonderful color. It is important to stay positive while wearing this gemstone,
because it amplifies your inner energies. Make sure to stay positive or have positive emotions towards
yourself since all your thoughts will be reinforced. It allows you to follow your heart and to trust in
your inner guidance. Green amethyst will encourage you to be yourself - the version of you which you
really want to be, instead of being your ordinary self. Being ordinary is the safe choice, but don’t you
want to live what your heart and inner guidance tell you?
Dare to be your very unique and fabulous true you.


The Iolite can help you to recognize why certain things and situations happen the way they do in your
life. This gemstone will support you in trusting your inner self more and thus, you will be able to to
better understand the patterns and blocks in your life. Your outer world is interconnected with your
inner world, so it is important to open up to your inner self. Nourish your inner being with self-love
and self-confidence, and your outer problems will fade. Your intuition will strengthen, making you a
stronger person. The iolite is a wonderful gemstone supporting you in your personal trust and self-

Lemon Quartz

Much like the citrine, the lemon quartz is about abundance. While citrine is more yellow in its color,
this quartz has a fresh yellow nuance with green tonality. It is very light and carries high energy
vibrations. It supports you in sharpening your mind and in thinking clearly. You will be able to stay
focused during stressful situations. The lemon quartz reduces your anxiety and negativity while it also
removes your self-doubt. It is a wonderful gemstone enabling you to be more reliant on your own inner
strength.In stressful situations like exams, job interviews or important meetings the lemon quartz is a beautiful
jewelry piece to help you feel strong and resilient.


The peridot crystal gem is famous mainly for its olive green, yellow green and honey-like color. Peridot is your vitamin D gemstone for releasing unnecessary emotional baggage. It helps you to have more power to focus on positive thoughts and experiences. Peridot also increases your vibrations while it reduces your stress level and anger. You are able to feel free from emotions that pushed you down and to feel less stressed.

It increases your vibrations and it supports you in manifesting your desires. It also helps you feel more
confident with yourself as well as to build your own assertiveness. It is a superb gemstone for goal
setting as well as trusting yourself to reach them.
In ancient Egypt, the peridot was a favorite of Cleopatra and she wore it not only for its beautiful color
but also for its astonishing power. Wouldn’t you also like to feel like Cleopatra?

Pink Tourmaline

This gemstone supports you in minimizing your fears and to build strong self-confidence. In order to
be successful in life, it is important to heal any emotional wounds. The pink tourmaline helps you to
heal those wounds and to feel less stressed. By wearing this stone as a jewelry piece, you will feel
more relaxed, less worried and you will gain your self-confidence back.

Red Garnet

The Garnet comes in many colors ranging from red, green, yellow to brown and black. It supports you
in regenerating your energies. Do you sometimes feel like lacking energy? Like not being able to
move forward because some invisible strings seem to hold you back? The garnet crystal can help you
to purify your energies and to revitalize your inner well-being. You will feel more self-empowered and
be able to trust and harness your inner strength. The red garnet controls the anger towards yourself and
you will be able to look at yourself more lovingly and feel more balanced.



With its purple to red color, this gemstone operates emotionally balancing. It supports you with your
emotional decisions. It provides you with clarity and self-confidence in making decisions. We often
have situations where we are unsure about what we want in life, for instance when it comes to our
relationships or career path. This gemstone supports you in finding clearer conclusions.


Rose Quartz

As the beautiful light rose color suggests, this gemstone – a quartz – is associated with the heart. It is a
crystal that contains unconditional love and symbolizes the soft feminine energy. Rose quartz helps
you to love yourself and to heal any emotional wounds. It also supports you in having a strong and
healthy self-confidence.
By carrying the rose quartz, you open your heart to love yourself and you gain a deep sense of
personal fulfillment. Rose quartz is a beautiful jewelry piece as well as a healing tool to help you love
yourself. Quite amazing, isn’t it?


Smoky Quartz

As the brown color suggest, this quartz is connected with the earth. In ancient cultures this quartz was
famous for its power to protect you against any negative energies from this world and to bundle this
energy and release it into the earth in order to neutralize it naturally. The smoky quartz helps you to
feel grounded and balanced in your life. It shields you against the challenges you face every day. Smoky quartz
not only has a beautiful brown color, but also serves you as a shield against any negative stressful energies. 



Topaz is a soft, sensitive stone that heals and eases your emotions while it also enhances your inner
strength and motivation. It is like a battery that will recharge you in order to increase your inner well-
being: your self-worth, self-confidence and pride. The colors of Topaz are white, blue shades, green
shades, yellow gold shades and pink shades. The energy of this gemstone supports you in filling your
life with joy and abundance. As an enhancement gemstone, Topaz positively affects the manifestation
of your desires.

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