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Daydreamer Gold

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  • 2OH-5GO-0220
  • Material: Sterling silver
    Finishing: 18k gold plating
    Gemstones: Cabochon pink Moonstone, grey Moonstone, facetted white Topaz and drop stone Smoky Quartz
    Length: 4 cm
    Property of Moonstone: feminine strength
    Property of Topaz: communication
    Property of Smoky Quartz: stress relief


Property of Moonstones - for feminine strength:   The Moonstone inspires your intuition &... more
Product information "Daydreamer Gold"

Property of Moonstones - for feminine strength: The Moonstone inspires your intuition & awakens your divine feminine energy. As ancient as the moon, this gemstone arouses tranquility with a sensual feel. It releases glowing energy re-energizing your ⁠body & mind.⁠

Propert of Topaz: Give your communication skills something Extra with Blue Topaz, something to lean on... We all thrive in great relationships, but to get them, we need to use our Communication skills. You never get a 2nd chance to make a first impression, so hit the ground running with more confidence, start and build better relationships with work colleagues and personal friends with the help of Blue Topaz. Wear it next to your skin. That first communication with someone new could change the rest of your life.

Property of Smoky Quartz - for stress relief: It relieves stress, reduces anxiety, and fears. Feel calmer and more positive, clearing your mind to  focus on more positive thoughts. Improve your concentration, think more strategically and communicate what you need, think clearly under pressure, prioritise objectives and critical success factors and achieve better results. 

Metal colour: Yellow Gold
Gemstone: Pink Moonstone, Smoky Quartz, Topaz
Gem healing properties: Feminine strength, Stress relief
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