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Loving You earrings

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  • 1OH-7RGO-0220
  • Material: Sterling Silver
    Finishing: 18k Rosé gold plating
    Gemstone: Rose Quartz & white Topaz
    Property of Rose Quartz: self-love
    Property of Topaz: communication

    An appeal to women to love themselves. These earrings with the ball shaped Rose Quartz surrounded by white Topaz are beautiful everyday accessories to keep you reminded of loving yourself. 

Property of Rose Quartz - for self-love:  It’s time to take stock, slow down, reflect... more
Product information "Loving You earrings"

Property of Rose Quartz - for self-love: It’s time to take stock, slow down, reflect and recharge through our own unconditional self- love, it’s time to check out and re discover our self-love because you’ve earned it and deserve it.

Property of white Topaz: Give your communication skills something Extra with Topaz, the essential gemstone to improve the way you present or exchange information, when speaking, writing, or using some other medium. We all thrive on great communication, it’s indispensable and essential for starting any relationship. Kickstart and build great relationships with friends, guys, work colleagues. Build good relationships and happiness follows, good business too. Invest in your future, give yourself some inner strength with Topaz. Something to lean on.

This beautiful light rose colour is associated with the heart. It symbolizes soft feminine energy. Rose quartz helps you to love yourself and to heal any emotional wounds, opening your heart, enabling you to gain a deep sense of personal fulfilment. Something to lean on in difficult times when you know you deserve better. Something Extra just for you.

Gemstone: Rose Quartz, Topaz
Gem healing properties: Self-love
Metal colour: Rosé Gold
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