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Mystical Necklace

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  • 1HK-5SI-0220
  • Material: Sterling Silver
    Cabochon Stones: Pink Moonstone, White Moonstone, Green Amethyst
    Property of Moonstone: feminine strength
    Property of green Amethyst: extra boost
    necklace: 45 cm

    A unique necklace in soft colours. Everything starts from within, strengthening your feminine energy is a beautiful way to feel good but to also support other women. Moonstones are associated as mysterious stones from the moon. Their glittering surface in pastel colours underlines the soft feminine energy empowering our intuition. An association with our inner goddess = feminine energy, a symbol of sensuality healing our fears to embrace life.

    Baguette shaped Moonstone in pink with grey Moonstone and green Amethyst. 


Property of Moonstones - feminine strength:   The Moonstone inspires your intuition &... more
Product information "Mystical Necklace"

Property of Moonstones - feminine strength: The Moonstone inspires your intuition & awakens your divine feminine energy. As ancient as the moon, this gemstone arouses tranquility with a sensual feel. It releases glowing energy re-energizing your ⁠body & mind.⁠

Property of Green Amethyst - for extra boost: An enhancement stone - green Amethyst, also called Prasiorite, intensifies your thoughts and energies. Thus, it is important to stay positive while wearing this stone, since all your thoughts will be reinforced.  It helps you to manifest your desires and to achieve abundance in life. This stone's energies support you to realize yourself - to be your best version, to follow your dreams and to achieve abundance. 

Each jewelry piece is handmade and hence it can feature light scratches or speckles.

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