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Amethyst - the trend purple colour for 2022!

Amethyst - for more concentration in your daily life

The amethyst is known for its purple color stone. This gemstone is very popular in chakra healing - one of the most effective quartz in its healing effect. The amethyst supports you from within and gives you a boost to be more concentrated in everyday life


The amethyst is said to have a positive influence on a number of physical complaints as well as to strengthen the psyche in particular. This gemstone should mainly have a positive effect on concentration, strengthen it and cleanse the mind. Above all, negative energies in the form of stressful thoughts should be able to be driven out by the amethyst. It can help you achieve more inner peace and serenity in everyday life and dissolve blockages. Perhaps you are now and then haunted by thoughts that obscure your view of the essentials. Precious stones such as amethyst - skilfully processed into jewellery - can give you the focus for more composure in tricky situations.

Examples when you particularly can use the property of Amethyst as your little supporter:

- at work. We face many situations at work where we need to stay more concentrated.

- in school

- in uninversity

Wear Amethyst only visible to you - with our Hidden Inner Strength Ring

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Or wear the Amethyst as a visible gemstones - purple is the trend colour for spring 2022!

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