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The Power of Gemstones

Awaken your hidden inner strength with the power of gemstones. 


What are Gemstones?

 emstones are mineral crystals found in the depths of Mother Earth. Formed over millions of years, they represent our planet’s evolutionary development and, in their properties manifest the powers that shaped them. Some of them developed under enormous pressure, some grew in underground chambers, and some were deposited in layers. Each process creates different features and healing properties. Select the gemstones with the properties that are right for you, something hidden, something extra and something to lean on.

All gemstones have unique characteristics including shape, colour and healing properties. Gemstones are found worldwide and when cut and polished gemstones make stunning jewellery. Ancient civilizations used gemstones for their powers, influence and value, now in 2021 you too can have something to lean on.


Variety of Gemstones

harged by nature with something special over millions of years, gemstones are a conduit to an oasis of latent energy, free flowing from Mother Earth and energizing the wearer with unique vibrations and properties that complete you. 

We at Carolin Stone Jewellery focus on 9 gemstones and their unique properties. They originate from Russia, Brazil, Switzerland or Norway.   Our mission is to help our customers understand the most important properties for each gemstone and to select the gemstones and properties that are right for them.

The Hidden Concept 

e believe in the power of gemstones. Pick the unique properties to help you with stress relief, positivity, self-confidence, focus, communication or creativity.  Hidden properties just for you. 

Some of our gemstones are also hidden to the world, worn next to your skin on the inside of our Hidden Inner Strength Rings, only known to you. Blend 3 properties to give you the confidence to handle whatever life throws at you. Mix and match to suit your situation(s). 


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Rose Quartz for 

his gemstone has a light rose colour and helps with Self-love. For the heart and heart chakra Rose Quartz is the most important crystal as it clears and opens the heart and supports in deep healing. It helps you to love yourself and to heal any emotional wounds, bounce back quicker and stronger with healthy self-confidence and self-worth. Self-love is a basic human necessity, but it can be associated with feelings of self-worth too, it can be a chink in your armour or something to drive you on and help you flourish.

 Shop Rose Quartz collection here.

Rhodolite for self-confidence

his gemstone has a deep reddish-pink colour and is the go-to gemstone for more self-confidence. It is a great gemstone for clearing your emotional disbalance and making space in your energy field. Rhodolite increases your energetic field of being more self-confident with yourself. Recover your mojo quicker. Wear Rhodolite whenever you feel insecure, stressed, or want to feel better about yourself. Acknowledge and deal with your weaknesses, turn them into strengths and leverage every opportunity with Rhodolite, something extra to lean on. 

 Shop Rhodolite collection here.

Chrome Diopside for creativity

his gemstone has an intense deep green colour. Chrome Diopside has become popular as a semi-precious gemstone. The only other stone with such deep colour is the Emerald. It enhances your creativity skills by providing you the help and inspiration at the times when you need it most. It supports you with its energy to boost your creative juices.

 Shop Chrome Diopside collection here.

Topaz for communication

opaz comes in many colours including; white, light blue, dark blue, green, yellow gold, brown and pink. The blue / white Topaz has the most conscious energy of all colours. It is said that the Ancient Romans found this gemstone on the Greek island named Topazios. Topaz is a sensitive stone that gives your communication skills something extra. It supports your throat chakra to open up your communication skills and make your voice stronger and more confident to get out there. It is the essential gemstone to improve the way you present or exchange information, when speaking, writing, or using some other medium. 

 Shop Topaz collection here.

Smoky Quartz for stress-relief

moky Quartz is known as the grounding stone. Its brown colour associates with Mother Earth and is one of the most effective gemstones. It has a strong connection to the earth and root chakra. Smoky Quartz collects negative energies in your body system and reliefs them into the earth ground. It is a ‘go-to’ stone for stressful situations. Clear your mind of all impediments to success, remove all that baggage so you can focus on the first step to solve your issues. Smoky Quartz gives you an abundance of positivity and a can-do attitude. 

 Shop Smoky Quartz collection here.

Red Garnet for positivity

gorgeous gemstone for jewellery. Ancient cultures used this red gemstone for jewellery, and nowadays it is still used for this purpose. It connects your soul with the gemstone’s energy to let go of your stored negative energies from your system. Red Garnet keeps you positive no matter how bad it gets. Stay positive, shine brightly and dare to fail with Red Garnet on your journey.

 Shop Red Garnet collection here.

Amethyst for concentration

methyst is a strong healing gemstone with a strong purple colour. It helps cleanse your mind and your body.  It soothes or stimulates your mind depending on what you need. On the mental level, Amethyst helps you collect and organize your thoughts. Amethyst improves concentration, decision making and performance whilst you remain tranquil and calm so you can stay focused for longer. It helps improving your decision making so you can achieve peak performance. 

 Shop Amethyst collection here.

Green Amethyst for extra boost

ives you more of whatever you need.  Green is the colour of nature and this green gemstone helps to recharge your natural energies and helps you heal on a deeper level to clear negative energies from your system. Your energy system gets an extra kick and you feel that extra power. Think of it as ‘easy-start’ for your engine, a kickstart to your day, a complementary supercharger to add extra smoothie boot to your existing gemstones. 

 Shop Green Amethyst collection here.

Moonstone for feminine strength

oonstone is associated with the sparkling moonstone energies. It is also associated  as the stone of femininity. Connected to the magical sparkling moonstone energy, this gem reconnects you with your feminine energy side. It provides an amalgam of femininity, tranquility, and divine spiritual womanly know-how to energize your body and mind, giving you a little Extra Something to lean on! Moonstone comes in pink, grey and rainbow colours. 

 Shop Moonstone collection here.


emstones are mineral crystals found in the depths of Mother Earth ad formed over millions of years. They represent our planet’s evolutionary development and, in their properties, manifest the powers that shaped them. Carolin Stone Jewellery believe in the power of Gemstones. However, these properties are not meant to diagnose, treat or prevent any disease, nor are they a substitute for medical, or psychological diagnosis and treatment when needed.

 All properties attributed to the gemstones are based on  history,  folklore and traditions going back many hundreds of years, supplemented with online information. 

Carolin Stone Jewellery shall not be liable to anyone for any loss or injury resulting from the direct or indirect use of gemstones or information, relating to them, and shall not be liable for any decision made or action taken by based upon such information.  

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