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Carolin reveals her source of inspiration behind the Unlimited Love bracelet



As the designer of Carolin Stone, I share with you my inspiration behind the special Unlimited Love bracelet.

Have you ever wondered what inspired the creation of my uniquely shaped bracelet that deviates from the ordinary?

Well, the roots of this particular bracelet lie deep in my childhood memories, making it my absolute favorite among all in my jewelry collection.

My goal has always been to express the strength and wisdom inherent in every woman - a strength that often remains hidden and prevents us from reaching our full potential.

Each piece of my collection, enriched with the hidden energy of gemstones, serves as a talisman or daily reminder. However, this bracelet carries an extra layer of inspiration.

Channeling the strength of legendary superheroines like Wonder Woman and Sailor Moon, this design grew out of my childhood admiration for Sailor Moon's extraordinary powers. The bracelet's unique shape pays homage to these heroines and embodies their hidden strength and resilience.


As a child I loved dressing up as Sailor Moon. She had this super power that she used from her body. Your inner strength.


Join me on a journey to embrace your own inner superhero! This bracelet is more than just an accessory; it's a reminder of the superwoman within you - brave, beautiful and smart.

As a constant reminder of the incredible power that lies within each of us, this bracelet should be your daily encouragement to unleash the superheroine within us.


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